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behind the label

Formerly founded as The Glamourous Touch in 2018, Jade Alycia Beauty, today stocks an exclusive collection of all-natural skincare products formulated by Jade. Officially rebranded in 2021, the New Jersey-based beauty brand now serves sensitive skin types with elusive formulas that restore confidence, instill self-love and pamper the skin from the inside out. 

nothing but natural

Here at Jade Alycia Beauty, every formula is hand-mixed in small batches using the highest quality grade of all natural ingredients. All of our products are vegan friendly, gluten-free, parabeen-free, silicone-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free and all-natural to cater to your sensitive skin needs.  

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her story

As a teenager Jade suffered from bad acne and having extremely sensitive skin didn't make it any better. After changing her diet, seeing a dermatologist and trying multiple acne medications nothing seemed to work. At age 15 she began playing around with my mom's makeup and discovered that she could use makeup to not completely hide her blemishes but minimize them. Finally, after feeling defeated for years makeup enabled her to finally feel a sense of self-confidence. It was years later, while in college that Jade would pursue her beauty certification at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Flagship location in Montclair, New Jersey. Through this artistry program, Jade was would master many skin types, textures and complexions, but it was the sensitive skin types that resonated with her. For two years Jade offered freelance makeup artistry services, until she desired more. She realized that makeup is a confidence outlet for many, but properly caring for your skin is equally if not more important. Thus Jade Alycia Beauty was re-born!

About Jade Alycia

love the skin you're in!

We're all about celebrating the skin you're in! Our elusive formulas not only rekindle the love you once had for your skin at its best, but they actually WORK. With every bottle, we are restoring self-love, hope, confidence and skin. Share your skin story and your JAB skin results with us for chance to be featured!

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