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As a teenager Jade suffered from having bad acne and extremely sensitive skin. She tried changing her diet, seeing a dermatologist and even multiple acne medications but nothing seemed to work. At age fifteen she began playing around with her mom's makeup and discovered that she could use makeup to not completely hide her blemishes but help minimize them. After years of feeling defeated, makeup seemed to provide a sense of self-confidence.

It was years later, while in college that Jade would pursue her beauty certification at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Flagship location in Montclair, New Jersey. Through this artistry program, Jade would learn to master many skin types, textures and complexions, but it was the sensitive skin types that resonated with her most. After completing the program, Jade offered freelance makeup artistry services under The Glamourous Touch, until she desired more.  

True beauty is found when self-love is discovered + nurtured. Skincare is part of that process.