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to try this new skincare line because I have sensitive skin. Once I saw that the products were formulated specifically for sensitive skin I just had to give it a try and I got my girlfriend on board to try it as well. After the using the entire skincare collection for a week, our skin looked and felt softer, well hydrated and had a natural glow to it. I would recommend this skincare to anyone looking to cater to their sensitive skin with elevated skincare that provides visible results.

i was skeptical at first

- Jason W.


I would like this skincare line as I have used skincare products in the past that have irritated my skin or created a painful burning sensation. However, after reading the details regarding each product I was reassured that not a single product would burn my skin or be painful when used. After my first use of the entire skincare collection my skin was left GLOWING. I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

i wasn't sure how

- Amber W.


i really love the

Calendula Nourishing Day Face Moisturizer it has quickly become a staple in my daily skincare routine. I have a more mature skin type and I noticed a visible difference in my skin after just one week of use. I experienced fewer to no breakouts and my skin was left noticeably softer. I also love that the bottles have Jade's face on them, such an original, iconic and memorable design.

- Terry W.



dull, dry and blemished to hydrated, glowing and blemish-free after one month of using Jade Alycia Beauty, but my skin began to feel and look visibly different after just one use.

my skin went from

- Jade A.