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We've Rebranded! Welcome To Our New Home...

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves, we are Jade Alycia Beauty. Formerly known as The Glamourous Touch, we have since grown + transitioned into our new look and we have so much to tell you.

So here's what's new around here. Let's start with our assortment of products. We now carry a diverse range of all-natural skincare + beauty products specifically formulated for sensitive skin types. This includes but is not limited to dry, oily, combination, normal, super sensitive, eczema, rosacea, acne-prone, ingredient sensitivities, outdoor allergen sensitives and more. At Jade Alycia Beauty we only launch what we love. All of our products are formulated in-house by our trusted team of beauty experts and then sampled on Jade, our Founder who has very sensitive skin. We believe in creating natural skincare from the earth that serves a purpose + actually works.

Next up, our community aka the J FAM! We wanted to form lasting connections with the people that matter. The ones that came along for the ride of this beautiful brand transformation. At first, it was hard coming up with a name to show our appreciation to our loyal customers + fans, but because we always felt like family, J FAM was fitting. It also helped us to connect with our broader fan base from our sister brands Jade Alycia Inc. & Jade Alycia Bridal. Consider us just one big happy family!

Lastly, our commitment to a greater + cleaner earth. Sustainability is a core value of ours now that we are able to make a bigger impact on the lives of our consumers and begin to set new standards for the clean beauty industry. We have committed to using less than 10% of plastic to package and ship all of our products. For those products that simply have to be preserved in a plastic container, we have opted to use only eco-friendly options. In addition, we have implemented our recycle + refill program to hold ourselves accountable for every bottle we produce to ensure it never hits the ocean. Our green initiative won't stop here, we are constantly seeking new ways to go more green both internally with our team + practices and externally with our products + the J FAM.

Now you are up to date on what's new, here's what's still the same. We continue to be led by our incredible founder, Jade Alycia and are still very much rooted within the beauty industry. As you know our humble beginnings were in makeup artistry services, we have since expanded our talents into skincare. We remain New Jersey-based + made in America.

Our integrity, transparency and authenticity. It was important to us to be open and honest with our customers about the natural ingredients that are in our products. So we made sure to use the ingredients that we know everyone would be familiar with. By doing so, we decided to raise the bar to ensure that every single one of our formulas is US FDA + EU compliant as well as only sourced from the highest quality vegan-friendly ingredients that are great for your skin yet easy on the environment. We even took it a step further to share with you how to properly dispose of your JAB packaging once your goodies arrive because creating a better tomorrow involves the combined efforts of our team with loyal customers like you!

We're still here to help. Now more than ever, we have so many ways to answer your questions, provide beauty advice and transform your skin. First, we have the handy chat box. Here you can quickly get help from one of our live beauty representatives Monday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm est. If you rather do it yourself, our online skin type test is available to take any time to find recommended products for your skin type. If you find yourself struggling to find the right products that are promised to work for you, book a virtual consultation with one of our beauty experts to help nail down a solid low-maintenance routine for you. Lastly, always feel free to contact our customer service team via email or hang out with the rest of the J FAM on social.

So what's next for us? You'll just have to subscribe and see!

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