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Travel Light With Jade Alycia Beauty

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Skincare should be quick to use and easy to pack. With Jade Alycia Beauty's all-natural skincare, you can have the best of both worlds. We've got you covered whether you're going on a two week vacation where you need to save room in your suitcase or you're just hanging out locally for the weekend and need to fit your essentials in a small bag. The secret to keeping organized while never compromising your skincare routine is simple.

You need our travel pouch! This small yet spacious pouch allows you to easily pack up all your JAB skincare favs in an organized fashion no matter where you are off to. While keeping your daily skincare routine super manageable. We recommend taking your travel-size bottles with you on the go and where you can, reserving your full-size bottles for home. That way you are able to maintain your usual everyday application while carrying a lighter load. Less is absolutely more when jet-setting or hitting the road. We know how limited space can be when traveling and we understand just how essential your JAB skincare is to keeping up that natural glow and inner confidence wherever you go.

However, there is a trick to fitting all your skincare into the travel pouch. We like to call it stack + stay. Similarly to the fun family game, Jenga when one item is removed you don't want everything to fall. You'll quickly catch on to learning how to pack and stack your JAB skincare in a way that securely fits it all. It just takes a little practice and creative thinking. We recommend starting with the biggest items first and then working your way down to the smaller size ones. In all, we were able to fit a total of ten skincare items in the travel pouch including our full-size bottle of Coconut Mint Rejuvenating Face Cleanser, full-size jar of Lemon Shea Lavender Renewing Body Butter, full-size bottle of Witch Hazel Rose Clarifying Face Toner, travel size bottle of Jojoba Restorative Face & Body Oil, travel size jar of Calendula Nourishing Day Face Moisturizer, travel size jar of Vanilla Aloe Hydrating Night Face Moisturizer, travel size bottle of Tea Tree Rose Soothing Face Mist, travel size bottle of Lavender Chamomile Healing Face Mist, set of 6 cotton face pads, tube of Mango Papaya All-Natural Lip Balm and still have room for more. There are so many different winning combinations that you can try and tailor to what you love to use.

Pro Tip: Make sure to pack enough skincare to safely secure each container so that it stays put while in transit. When packing the travel pouch in your luggage, carry-on or weekender bag surround it with a cushion like a few cute outfits or other personal items to prevent the bottles from hitting one another, being damaged or breaking.

So, how can you get your hands on one of these spacious travel pouches? We're glad you asked. Snag it inside one of our skincare sets, kits + bundles or redeem it as a free gift with purchase.

Now that you've got the inside scoop, it's your turn J FAM! We challenge you to try it out. And if you're not yet feeling ready, check out our founder, Jade's stacking skills.

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