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Why Natural Ingredients Are Purely Powerful

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Have you ever wondered how powerful natural ingredients really are? Nowadays more and more people are going all-natural in their diet, lifestyle and even their skincare, but just how effective are these natural ingredients from the earth? We're glad you asked, let’s explore!

In the United States alone 41% percent of millennial consumers shared that they were purchasing more natural skincare products than the year before. Furthermore, over half of female and male shoppers prefer to buy skincare products that are natural or organic. In total, almost 70% of U.S. consumers from age 18 to 29 shared that they preferred natural or organic skincare over other options. U.S. consumers ages 30 to 59 also preferred natural or organic skincare over other options at a resounding 60%. So why are so many making this shift towards a healthier lifestyle?

The truth is natural ingredients can be just as effective if not even more effective than synthetic ingredients. Our bodies naturally respond better to natural things and synthetics are developed to mimic the natural source in a more cost-effective manner, but not necessarily in the most healthy way. Natural ingredients are pricier than man-made synthetics due to the higher cost and added expenses associated with farming, maintaining, and harvesting naturally. In spite of the additional costs, natural ingredients are proven to be better for your body + the environment and are becoming more desirable by the second. With skincare lovers like yourself, constantly becoming better educated on the harmful effects of toxic ingredients, people are now making better life choices when it comes to what they put on and in their bodies encouraging life longevity, greater self-awareness and raising the bar with higher consumer standards.

So exactly how powerful and effective are all-natural ingredients? If you didn't already know we're about to tell you.

The Aloe Vera plant for example, is known for healing the skin from minor cuts, burns, and abrasions it also happens to be a key ingredient in our best-selling Vanilla Aloe Hydrating Night Face Moisturizer. This power-packed plant is native to Africa and flourishes in dry hot climates. The leaves of the aloe plant are what most are familiar with as each one is filled with a clear gel-like sap that is commonly used in making all kinds of products and can even be applied directly onto the scalp or skin for best results. Pure aloe vera gel has been proven to heal minor cuts and soothe skin irritations much faster rather than synthetic alternatives.

Another commonly knocked-off natural ingredient that is powerful and effective is lavender. Lavender is a POWER plant. Known for settling the atmosphere, gently cleaning without stripping, awakening the skin and relaxing mind, body + spirit with its calming aroma. This wildflower grows in native fields bordering the Mediterranean and is easily identified by its notable purple hue. We use it in both our best-selling Lemon Shea Lavender Renewing Body Butter, Jade's favorite Lavender Chamomile Healing Face Mist and our more recent debut Lavender Mint Relaxing Body Wash + Lavender Mint All-Natural Lip Balm. The pure fragrance of lavender has the natural ability to calm the body while quieting the mind. For that reason alone, lavender is a very popular scent often used in aromatherapy products, personal care products, cleaning products, air freshers and more. However, synthetic or man-made lavender scents tend to lose potency with an overall diluted or completely overpowering aroma. In addition, the added benefits that the natural plant carries are totally lost. In the end, the synthetic replica smells similar to an authentic lavender-like aroma, but it doesn't quite smell the same nor does it carry the powerful benefits of the real flower.

Here at Jade Alycia Beauty, we believe in formulating skincare that actually works, is necessary and is made from the highest quality all-natural ingredients. That even includes going the extra mile to ensure that each one of our hand-mixed products is one hundred percent compliant with both the European Union and USFDA strict guidelines on prohibited toxins and ingredients for a healthier you and a cleaner environment.



Yes, natural ingredients are better than synthetic ones. However, natural ingredients are not always the easiest to find or the most affordable option. Due to those restraints, synthetic ingredients are man-made in labs to increase the product availability and reduce the price product at the cost many times of your overall health.


Though synthetics have a bad reputation not all of them are bad. There are many safe synthetics that are used in natural skincare as preservatives or thickening agents that are approved by both the European Union and the US FDA.


Toxins in skincare + cosmetics are chemicals and contaminants that cause bodily harm to users either after application or upon formulation. A few commonly known toxins that are banned by the European Union and some states and/or companies in the U.S. beauty industry are formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, methylene glycol, quaternium 15, mercury, dibutyl, diethyl hexyl phthalates, isobutyl, isopropyl parabens, polyfluoroalkyl and o-phenylenediamine. Other toxins such as bithionol, chlorofluorocarbons propellants, chloroform, halogenated salicylanilides, hexachlorophene, methylene chloride, vinyl chloride and zirconium are banned across the board. Each one of these toxic chemicals is linked to cancer, hormonal disruption, reproductive system damage, kidney damage and other serious health issues. Rest assured you will never find one of these toxins listed or included in any of our vegan-friendly ingredients lists or formulas.


Yes, natural ingredients are just as effective if not more effective than synthetic ingredients, plus they are better for you and the environment. You would be surprised at just how powerful natural products really are.


The advantages of using natural ingredients over synthetics are truly endless, but just to pin-point a few:

1. You know what you're getting

2. You know exactly what you're using

3. You know if you're sensitive to it or not

4. You know that it's safe

5. You know where it comes from


Yes, organic products use natural ingredients that are farmed without the use of chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or herbicides and all-natural products use ingredients that come from the earth that is free of synthetics, additives and artificial ingredients. In addition, organic products go through an intense and expensive approval process to be deemed in fact 100% organic and given permission from the National Organic Standards Board to use the organic badge on their products. However, many all-natural products like skincare are made using a blend of both organic and all-natural ingredients including Jade Alycia Beauty. When you take a look at any of our product labels you will notice that all of our ingredients are identifiable, vegan-friendly, parabeen-free, silicone-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, all-natural and yes even organic.

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